Bird People

After months of hard work, I am delighted to introduce my new book, 'Bird People', a collection of more than 80 drawings, sketches and paintings.

I am launching this project on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform that allows you to take part into the creation of the book. Please visit the project page and support if you can !

The campaign just launched on Friday 18th October. In addition to a beautiful hardcover book, I created lots of exclusive rewards to thank you for your support : postcards, fine art prints, a custom travel art set … some of which are limited in number or are discounted for the first 48h. There is also a selection of original ceramics and artwork available.

I hope you'll love the project as much as I do and consider helping me make this book a reality. If you're excited for this, please share this campaign around you !


La Princesse Grenouille

After months of hard work, the Russian folktale picturebook "La Princesse Grenouille" is out today ! Elodie Fondacci retold this beautiful story of the frog princess, accompanied by classical music and my illustrations. The book is published in France by Gautier Languereau, it is a large format, fully illustrated book of 40 pages. You can find it in your local bookshop or follow the link here.

I will be at the Montreuil children book fair (Paris) in December, come and say hi, I'll sign your book and draw a few frogs too :)


Parallel Exhibition

I am glad to finally be able to share my contribution to the 'Parallel' Exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab (Minneapolis, USA). The exhibition runs untill the 20th of October 2017, don't miss it !

Mother Sea and the Island_Maharel_2017_medium_WM.png

Mother Sea and the Island, Watercolor and pencil on paper, 28.2 x 56.4 cm

In an alternative history of our world, a unique sea covers the Earth and provides for the small but thriving communities roaming its surface. The last remaining islands have become sacred places, where people and birds gather every year for a festival of lights.


Rois et Reines

A new collaboration with the lovely French magazine Tétras Lire !

I illustrated the cover of the April 2017 issue, as well as 10 illustrations for the Charles Perrault fairy tales of "Riquet à la Houppe" and "Peau d'Ane". Here is a selection :

Silent Stories

Early 2017, I created two silent stories, Fox and Bird, to present at the Artist's Bookmarket (end of February) at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. These stories without text have been drawn in pencil and then reproduced on fine art watercolor paper, hand-bound by me in a hardback collector and paperback concertina books.

Bird shows you what happens in a victorian aviary when coats are large enough for one's purpose.

Fox begins with a boy walking through a white forest, where not all things are as they seem...

The books are available in my online shop.

L'or de Choclo

I am beyond happy to share my illustrations for the Peruvian folktale "El Choclo, l'or de Cuzco", published in the January 2017 issue of the French magazine Tétras Lire. Enjoy !

Tiny Homes + Midnight at Light Grey Art Lab Gallery

At the end of 2016, I had the chance to participate to two group shows organised by Light Grey Art Lab Gallery in Minneapolis, U.S. Here are my contributions for "Tiny Homes" and "Midnight", respectively. 


Inktober 2016

Inktober is a global challenge, where artists around the world create (and share) one ink drawing each day of the month of October. This year I gave myself a theme, horses and characters. Here are a few sneak peeks :

Omoiyari - The book

As part of my exhibition "Omoiyari" in July 2016, I created a limited edition book containing all the illustrations from the exhibition, with additional ink drawings and a little story...

For more information about the book, and to add one to your library, please visit my online shop.

Omoiyari - Exhibition

Here are some photos from my exhibition at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh (July 2016) !

The first part of the exhibition is a personal exploration of the question "Where stories come from", featuring 14 watercolor illustrations, ink drawings and sculptures. 

The second part is a collection of sketches and portraits created during live storytelling events in Edinburgh, between October 2015 and July 2016. Visitors could add a leaf to the story tree, telling about their own story or favorite stories. 

Omoiyari - Watercolors

My solo exhibition Omoiyari opens this month in Edinburgh at the Scottish Storytelling Centre (6-27 July 2016). More than fifteen watercolors and drawings are on display, along with sketches and portraits captured during live storytelling performances. Come have a look if you're around !

The illustrations (listed below) are all watercolor and pencil on hot pressed, acid-free watercolor paper (24x35 cm approx.), and are available for purchase. Do not hesitate to contact me at for enquiries. 

Yasashi-sa , not all things are as they seem   (sold)

Yasashi-sa, not all things are as they seem (sold)

Mizu , it may have been something in the water

Mizu, it may have been something in the water

Kuki , something in the air 

Kuki, something in the air 

Kaigi,  scholars discussing the origin of stories  (sold)

Kaigi, scholars discussing the origin of stories (sold)

Yujo , unexpected friends

Yujo, unexpected friends

Takara , librarian visiting the story-jars at night

Takara, librarian visiting the story-jars at night

Itami , darker tales

Itami, darker tales

Matsuri , on the way to the festival   (sold)

Matsuri, on the way to the festival (sold)

Jukyo , the village of Omoiyari

Jukyo, the village of Omoiyari

Haru , learning to trust

Haru, learning to trust

Kyosei , those who can listen   (sold)

Kyosei, those who can listen (sold)

Shoshitsu , things that get lost

Shoshitsu, things that get lost

Hogo-sha , guardian

Hogo-sha, guardian

Kibo , bloom

Kibo, bloom