Hello, my name is Marie-Alice Harel, I am a freelance illustrator from France, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I create delicate worlds and characters inspired by my travels. Travels across continents, within book pages, and travels of the mind.

When I am not drawing, I can be found poring over books, talking to cats at night or walking around Asia. I also have an engineering degree in Fluid mechanics and a PhD in Hydrology, but that's another story ...

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"Parallel" - Light Grey Art Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., 22 Sept - 20 Oct 2017 - Group show

"Midnight" - Light Grey Art Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., 28 Oct - 23 Nov 2016 - Group show

"Tiny Homes" - Light Grey Art Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., 15 Sept - 22 Oct 2016 - Group Show

"Omoiyari" - Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh Scotland, UK - 6-27 July 2016 - SOLO SHOW



La Princesse Grenouille - Picture book, fully illustrated Russian folktale (French, Gautier Languereau) - CHILDREN BOOK, October 2017

Amrita, Cover for the Autumn/Winter 2017 edition of the Yoga Magazine Amrita (UK) - EDITORIAL, 2017

Rois et Reines - Cover + 10 illustrations for the April issue of Tétras Lire (French, Alba Verba). Tales "Riquet à la Houppe" and "Peau d'Ane" by Charles Perrault - EDITORIAL, 2017

L'Or de Cuzco - Illustrations for a Peruvian folktale published in the January issue of Tétras Lire (French, Alba Verba editions) - EDITORIAL, 2017

Omoiyari  - Limited edition of 60 copies (self-published) - BOOK, 2016


Illustration from Omoiyari accepted into Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Vol. 24), 2016


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